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  • A great story behind the brand!

    One of the most exciting parts of having our store and using great products in our clients homes and offices, is finding local brands and designers, creating amazing things. I love supporting those that take a leap in life and go for something they've been passionate about, and then tell the world. The story behind how inspiration comes to fruition, always amazes me.

    A perfect example is our newest brand to the tuccibrown range, Couani. On her honeymoon adventure across Africa, Kiki Couani was inspired by the mesmerising beauty of the land and its people. Sitting with the local African women in her safari camp, Kiki was enamoured with the way they created their traditional woven baskets and bowls. It is with these skills, handed down over generations from mother to daughter, that they can continue to enjoy their independence and earn money for their families. Using her knowledge as a designer and product developer in Sydney, Australia, Kiki works with the weavers to fuse an African tradition with urban colours and patterns. COUANI brings you only the best in unique handmade goods direct from the heart of Africa. Each piece, hand-crafted from selected villages in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, they are fashionable and fun essentials for the home.

    Based on Kiki’s married name, COUANI is a tribute to the romance that first led her to Africa and that which keeps her going back for more.

    We are introducing the range next week in our tuccibrown store in Brighton and online at www.tuccibrown.com so keep your eye out for them.

    Happy Styling! Mel xx

    couani woven bowls at tuccibrown          lifestyle couani woven bowl navy bowls couani          yaota woven bowl couani

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  • tb style lab is born!

    You asked for it folks, so we made it happen. 
    After numerous requests and compliments over the years, we have finally launched another passion of ours...tb style lab.
    It has been months in the making, ensuring we have a wikipedia of your favourite homewares brands, furniture from around the globe, amazing prints from local artists, mid century to eclectic mixes of decor to linen that makes you not want to leave your bed!
    The tb style lab began to organically grow over the past year by people loving the stories we create in our store and asking us to visit their home, office, or empty apartments and style them to complete a picture perfect space.
    We have worked with some amazing homes, cafe projects, boutique hotels and property developers behind the scenes and have had a bundle of fun working with a different brief each time.
    It is an exciting new journey for tb and we can't wait to show you our portfolio of work..soon to come.

    After bringing together a super talented team including a stylist, visual merchandiser, photographer and of course the best of delivery drivers ;) these are some of the projects we will be working our magic on...


    Personalised Home Styling

    So you know your style, you've seen the pieces you love, you've sussed out your best friend's house when you were over for a play date!

    The problem is putting it all together. What rug goes where? How do I make my lounge room look like the one in Real Living magazine? I want a bed with 8 cushions! 

    You need the tb style lab immediately.

    We source the perfect pieces to suit your personal style and home. Whether it is a new nursery, home office, boudoir or your whole abode our team of stylists will create the space you have been dreaming of, and assist to turn your house into a home.



    Real Estate Pre-sale & Display

    You are ready to sell your house, the agent has told you to declutter!

    As we move from house to house we tend to bring our decor with us (we are all guilty of this). This doesn't necessarily mean they are the best pieces to suit the style of the property. The new potential buyers need the perfect visual on each room in the house. Spacious living rooms, large master bedrooms, great entertaining areas.

    This is where we come in! We re-style the house to ensure it complements the style of property and make first impressions last to your potential buyer. The aim is to get the best price for your home, right? We can restyle a single room or the entire house, depending on what is needed to make the house shine.

    For property developers,

    Your property is completed and ready to hit the market. You can't sell an empty property! We work our magic and create a humble abode so your potential buyer won't want to leave.



    Commercial projects

    After having completed a few of our own, we can help style and design the furnishings for your cafe or restaurant. We know how frustrating it can be when you can't find the finishing touches you need to create the perfect dining experience for your caffeine addicts and foodies that will soon be your daily regulars. We add a touch of unique with a splash of colour to make you stand out from the mob down the road.
    Everybody loves opening the door to a boutique hotel. A romantic weekend away, the girls pamper night or the corporate traveller, all want to take the first breath of amazement (and relief) when they open their hotel door for the first time. There is nothing worse than walking into a drab, outdated hotel room. We will bring style, warmth and personality to your hotel and ensure your clients leave bursting to recommend it to their friends and colleagues.
    Thank you to all our fabulous regulars and Bayside friends for pushing us to launch this exciting new venture. We can't wait to get stuck into a pile of briefs.
    If you would like more information or are interested in our tb stying team to come and visit your space please get in touch.
    email melissa@tuccibrown.com or contact us on 03 9596 6061 and ask for the style lab team.
    We look forward to bringing our team to you!

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  • Introducing...On the Sly

    We came across this great local brand and had to welcome them to the tb family! Loving the colour choices for the range and we are looking forward to having some fun with them in our Brighton Store.

    Tell us about On The Sly...

    While our name may sound a little shifty, On the Sly embraces simple things done with care and a cheeky smile. While reinventing the wheel is not on our agenda, creating products with personality and lightheartedness is what On the Sly has in mind. We know that drying dishes is a task of little delight which is why we want you to do it in style and with a hint of swagger. We are spreading this approach around the house so we can deliver some super sly products that will have you cheekily adding colour and attitude to your abode. And you can feel good about it knowing that On the Sly designs, prints and assembles in Australia with quality materials. Patriots yes, but our offerings are worldly.

    If we were a colour we would happily attach ourselves to a shade of green (as long as it's neon). Green reflects our conscience and footprint and is a big part of how we deliver great products. We can be a bit OCD like that. Wherever possible we make our products eco-friendly. From the fabrics we use to the inks printed on them which are water-based, non-toxic, contain no CFCs or harsh solvents, we take it all into account. We have little to no wastage as we use all the scrap fabric and work our magic to turn it into the humble little tags you'll find attached to our cushions. Our inserts are made from 100% recycled material and even our brochures are printed on recycled paper.

    Think of On the Sly as the relish on your burger, the heat in your Bloody Mary or the hot pink lipstick in your all black ensemble. We are the perfect addition to any home, any style or any occasion. Enjoy our products and embrace the sly effect.


    You can shop the range here - SHOP ON THE SLY

    Happy Styling xx


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  • Yellow Owl Workshop back in tb!

    The new range is here, and it is back on the shelves.

    Fun, playful, quirky and they make great little gifts or perfect for a crafty weekend.

    Have fun with and get creative with Yellow Owl Workshop.


    See the full range here  SHOP YELLOW OWL



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  • Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger

    Word on the street is M.R.K.T!

    We are waiting patiently to bring you this architecturally inspired range all the way from Hong Kong...the 3 week countdown begins.

    Our product team were all blown away with the finish and textures of this awesome range so we had to bring it to you.

    Please meet ... Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger!


    M.R.K.T. is about the thriving urban streets of the world, where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and uniqueness is encouraged.

    Our brand was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect as a way to challenge conventional fashion trends. By creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry, our aim is to push the boundaries of design and function.


    Distinctive patterns inspired by those found in the urban landscape are integrated into many of our designs using laser-cutting technology. Our products are designed very similarly to how an architect would design a building. They are conceptual, practical, versatile, and very clean. Our inspiration comes mainly from architectural practices mixed with classic bag design.


    VEGN LEATHER - Maintenance free, lightweight, and animal friendly.
    SMRT FELT - 100% recyclable, made by a leading German manufacturer.
    SUPR FELT - A new take to SMRT FELT, durable and water resistant.
    THRMO RESIN - TPU certified to be 100% biodegradable after disposal.
    MCRO SUEDE - Microfiber with threads 20x finer than silk.



     Stay tuned for the arrival of M.R.K.T over the next few weeks!


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  • made by mosey

    Wow what a busy week! So many unbelievable designers out there and some gorgeous samples have been coming through all week for our next round of seller submissions.

    One of our favourites in the pool of new brands we are bringing on board is  "Made by Mosey".
    The range is made up of design pieces for the nursery and home, are created with love and care by Madeleine Sargent. Being entirely hand-made, no two pieces are identical, meaning each is uniquely special.

    If you're planning and designing your nursery or needing to find a perfect thoughtful gift for a special friend about to pop, you will love this delicate colourful range that Madeleine has created.



    See the full range here  Made by Mosey


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  • I love my room

    Just spent the evening reading and admiring some gorgeous kids bedrooms.
    Megan Morton's "I love my room" is what you need to get your hands on this week.

    It is refreshing to see a colourful view of real bedrooms with real kids.
    Rather than a collection of immaculate children’s rooms created by interior designers, the pages are filled with spaces which celebrate the young occupants themselves. From whimsical nurseries to expressive teen rooms, you will find clever storage methods and inspiring ideas on how to decorate in a way that is true to your child’s personality. 

    I love the magic that can be created in kids' rooms by letting them express themselves with art, toys, books and the little things that mean the world to them.


    Lana + Scarlet's rooms pay homage to knockout colours and collections that are anything but juvenile. Clever magnetic and pinboard walls make sure every piece of artwork has a home. 

    Elodie's room is one that little girls' dreams are made of. Soft timber, white with pastel highlights, pretty and practical. Minimally dressed is what makes its pretty elements stand out. This space proves that sometimes a room needs the bare necessities, played out in soft colours with zero conflict.


    A round of applause to Megan Morton for another fab publication.
    pick up your own copy here shop "i love my room" 
    Happy reading (Oh and don't forget it's free shipping!) 

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  • we are super excited to introduce...painted street

    Al & Lou (Painted Street)
    Owners, Designers, Illustrators
    Alex Hallahan & Louise Williams
    We introduce you to one of the most talented duo's we know! These guys are definitely an inspiration and we welcome their range with open arms.
    Give us an intro please guys...
    We are a collaborative team of two based in Melbourne who dream big, live simply and find ourselves forever in orbit! One part visual arts, one part music and a whole part lovin'.

    FROM OUR HANDS spring to life the wonderfully diverse and creative images that occupy our work - what's concerning is that those colourful characters live in our minds first! Both artists are prone to bursts of inspiration and are often so overcome with feelings of love and devotion towards other peoples artwork that we just have to sit down and breath deeply for a while.

    WE WORK IN mixed media - ink, pencil, pen, gouache, watercolour, charcoal, pastels and whatever else is in our hands to create our organic and original illustrations.

    WE THEN TURN THAT INTO a t-shirt, a poster, an album cover, a book jacket, a kiddies design, a print, a pillow case, an advertisement and hopefully one day a surfboard/ skateboard too... all through the aid of photoshop and indesign mixed with a keen eye for aesthetic, functionality, practicality and of course integrity!

    Alex pushes too hard on pencils, Jean-Louise sharpens her wit on a blade - they're a good team.

    JEAN-LOUISE also works in black and white film photography (and of course good ol' fashion polaroid!). What began as simple folly, soon evolved into something much more personally fulfilling and is sure to be a life long love for beautiful movement and design captured within a single still and grainy frame.  She doesn't try too hard, in fact she just lets the story come to her with patience and grace behind the lens, you wouldn't even know she's there...  see, that's why we call her Sleepy Jean.

    ALEX also writes and records songs... some of the characters he has invented over the years just wouldn't sit still long enough to be drawn, so he put them into song, where they can dance! Go to www.alexhallahan.com to check out his tunes and videos!
    Thanks Al & Lou, we look forward to seeing everything you guys create...oh and of course listening to your awesome tunes Al xx

    Get your hands on their range here 
    shop painted street


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  • let the kids create!

    That time of year is coming up again, and the most challenging part is filling the days to keep the kids occupied. 

    The new makedo range will do the trick! It's great way to have the kids to explore their imagination and get their motor skills working. And believe me, it is not just the kids that will get addicted to it! 

    Start collecting all your recyclables like these

    Transform a box into a play object

    3 simple steps

    Here are some projects that have recently been created...

    There are a heap to choose from to get them started. Take a look at the range here... shop makedo


    Email through some pics of your finished projects, we'd love to see them!

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  • sharing is caring + WIN

    We are feeling generous this week! Sooo many people are loving the new general eclectic red stool. So we are giving you a chance to WIN one.

    Simply head to our facebook page, share the pic of the stool and you are in the draw.

    Winners selected at random and competition ends 21/6/2012.


    Good luck xx

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  • June coffee news


    It's cold, It's winter and we need coffee!
    Our great pals from padre are filling us in on coffee in the winter season...

    "Our favourites at the turn of the season are a delicate microlot from Costa Rica’s Rio Jorco and a big, bold Tanzanian.
    The latest in a series of outstanding African coffees, the Tanzanian Kigoma AA is clean and complex with ripe red fruity flavours that drink wonderfully as espresso as well as the old faithful stovetop or plunger.
    The Costa Rican Aso Rio is a sweet, jammy little bean from one of the countries leading coffee farms. With three generations of farmers, their own processing mill and one of the most progressive models of production in the country, the Rio Jorco farm is known for its  devotion to quality as much as for its exceptional microlots. Honey processed, the Aso Rio Lot is bright, sweet and fruity, lovely as espresso and an excellent filter coffee, too"

    Browse your favourite, pick a grind and we will have it to your door before you know it.
    Shop coffee beans

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  • show + tell

    A big shout out to the lovely ladies behind show + tell. If you have not logged on yet, then do so and I promise you will be addicted! It is simply refreshing, inspirational and a great laugh too. I had a chance to have a chat to the girls about tuccibrown.

    Have a read here SHOW + TELL interview




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  • we love urban road

    So excited to be stocking the Urban Road range of prints and cushions.

    I have just picked this one to add to my hallway. LOVE!

    Shop Urban Road 

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  • Adventures to Origin...

    look out coffee lovers! this book brings a whole new meaning to every sip of coffee you have from here on. Have you ever stopped for a second and thought about what goes in to the little $4.00 cup of coffee you have each day?

    This will blow you away!

    The extraordinary Melbourne based team behind this epic publication travelled through the most exotic coffee farming regions within Latin America and Indonesia. Their journey takes you to meet the farmers, the pickers, the importers, the roasters, the cafés and the baristas who go to great lengths to make your daily coffee ritual as perfect as possible.

    Get your copy now!

    click here for an amazing insight on the journey...

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  • let your kitchen pop!

    we love love love this new crockery range by General Eclectic. The colours are exactly what you need to have a fun and colourful dinner party or a simple cup of tea with your ladies.


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  • too sweet! (oh and no calories)

    our new friends Little Bertha have brought us an amazing range of sweets that will have you salivating in no time. They hit our 2 cafes this morning and everyone looooved them....including our personal trainers!
    We have too many favs to tell you which is best, so you will just have to come and try for yourself...











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