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  • Introducing...On the Sly

    We came across this great local brand and had to welcome them to the tb family! Loving the colour choices for the range and we are looking forward to having some fun with them in our Brighton Store.

    Tell us about On The Sly...

    While our name may sound a little shifty, On the Sly embraces simple things done with care and a cheeky smile. While reinventing the wheel is not on our agenda, creating products with personality and lightheartedness is what On the Sly has in mind. We know that drying dishes is a task of little delight which is why we want you to do it in style and with a hint of swagger. We are spreading this approach around the house so we can deliver some super sly products that will have you cheekily adding colour and attitude to your abode. And you can feel good about it knowing that On the Sly designs, prints and assembles in Australia with quality materials. Patriots yes, but our offerings are worldly.

    If we were a colour we would happily attach ourselves to a shade of green (as long as it's neon). Green reflects our conscience and footprint and is a big part of how we deliver great products. We can be a bit OCD like that. Wherever possible we make our products eco-friendly. From the fabrics we use to the inks printed on them which are water-based, non-toxic, contain no CFCs or harsh solvents, we take it all into account. We have little to no wastage as we use all the scrap fabric and work our magic to turn it into the humble little tags you'll find attached to our cushions. Our inserts are made from 100% recycled material and even our brochures are printed on recycled paper.

    Think of On the Sly as the relish on your burger, the heat in your Bloody Mary or the hot pink lipstick in your all black ensemble. We are the perfect addition to any home, any style or any occasion. Enjoy our products and embrace the sly effect.


    You can shop the range here - SHOP ON THE SLY

    Happy Styling xx


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