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  • A great story behind the brand!

    One of the most exciting parts of having our store and using great products in our clients homes and offices, is finding local brands and designers, creating amazing things. I love supporting those that take a leap in life and go for something they've been passionate about, and then tell the world. The story behind how inspiration comes to fruition, always amazes me.

    A perfect example is our newest brand to the tuccibrown range, Couani. On her honeymoon adventure across Africa, Kiki Couani was inspired by the mesmerising beauty of the land and its people. Sitting with the local African women in her safari camp, Kiki was enamoured with the way they created their traditional woven baskets and bowls. It is with these skills, handed down over generations from mother to daughter, that they can continue to enjoy their independence and earn money for their families. Using her knowledge as a designer and product developer in Sydney, Australia, Kiki works with the weavers to fuse an African tradition with urban colours and patterns. COUANI brings you only the best in unique handmade goods direct from the heart of Africa. Each piece, hand-crafted from selected villages in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, they are fashionable and fun essentials for the home.

    Based on Kiki’s married name, COUANI is a tribute to the romance that first led her to Africa and that which keeps her going back for more.

    We are introducing the range next week in our tuccibrown store in Brighton and online at www.tuccibrown.com so keep your eye out for them.

    Happy Styling! Mel xx

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