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  • June coffee news


    It's cold, It's winter and we need coffee!
    Our great pals from padre are filling us in on coffee in the winter season...

    "Our favourites at the turn of the season are a delicate microlot from Costa Rica’s Rio Jorco and a big, bold Tanzanian.
    The latest in a series of outstanding African coffees, the Tanzanian Kigoma AA is clean and complex with ripe red fruity flavours that drink wonderfully as espresso as well as the old faithful stovetop or plunger.
    The Costa Rican Aso Rio is a sweet, jammy little bean from one of the countries leading coffee farms. With three generations of farmers, their own processing mill and one of the most progressive models of production in the country, the Rio Jorco farm is known for its  devotion to quality as much as for its exceptional microlots. Honey processed, the Aso Rio Lot is bright, sweet and fruity, lovely as espresso and an excellent filter coffee, too"

    Browse your favourite, pick a grind and we will have it to your door before you know it.
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