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  • we are super excited to introduce...painted street

    Al & Lou (Painted Street)
    Owners, Designers, Illustrators
    Alex Hallahan & Louise Williams
    We introduce you to one of the most talented duo's we know! These guys are definitely an inspiration and we welcome their range with open arms.
    Give us an intro please guys...
    We are a collaborative team of two based in Melbourne who dream big, live simply and find ourselves forever in orbit! One part visual arts, one part music and a whole part lovin'.

    FROM OUR HANDS spring to life the wonderfully diverse and creative images that occupy our work - what's concerning is that those colourful characters live in our minds first! Both artists are prone to bursts of inspiration and are often so overcome with feelings of love and devotion towards other peoples artwork that we just have to sit down and breath deeply for a while.

    WE WORK IN mixed media - ink, pencil, pen, gouache, watercolour, charcoal, pastels and whatever else is in our hands to create our organic and original illustrations.

    WE THEN TURN THAT INTO a t-shirt, a poster, an album cover, a book jacket, a kiddies design, a print, a pillow case, an advertisement and hopefully one day a surfboard/ skateboard too... all through the aid of photoshop and indesign mixed with a keen eye for aesthetic, functionality, practicality and of course integrity!

    Alex pushes too hard on pencils, Jean-Louise sharpens her wit on a blade - they're a good team.

    JEAN-LOUISE also works in black and white film photography (and of course good ol' fashion polaroid!). What began as simple folly, soon evolved into something much more personally fulfilling and is sure to be a life long love for beautiful movement and design captured within a single still and grainy frame.  She doesn't try too hard, in fact she just lets the story come to her with patience and grace behind the lens, you wouldn't even know she's there...  see, that's why we call her Sleepy Jean.

    ALEX also writes and records songs... some of the characters he has invented over the years just wouldn't sit still long enough to be drawn, so he put them into song, where they can dance! Go to www.alexhallahan.com to check out his tunes and videos!
    Thanks Al & Lou, we look forward to seeing everything you guys create...oh and of course listening to your awesome tunes Al xx

    Get your hands on their range here 
    shop painted street


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