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  • I love my room

    Just spent the evening reading and admiring some gorgeous kids bedrooms.
    Megan Morton's "I love my room" is what you need to get your hands on this week.

    It is refreshing to see a colourful view of real bedrooms with real kids.
    Rather than a collection of immaculate children’s rooms created by interior designers, the pages are filled with spaces which celebrate the young occupants themselves. From whimsical nurseries to expressive teen rooms, you will find clever storage methods and inspiring ideas on how to decorate in a way that is true to your child’s personality. 

    I love the magic that can be created in kids' rooms by letting them express themselves with art, toys, books and the little things that mean the world to them.


    Lana + Scarlet's rooms pay homage to knockout colours and collections that are anything but juvenile. Clever magnetic and pinboard walls make sure every piece of artwork has a home. 

    Elodie's room is one that little girls' dreams are made of. Soft timber, white with pastel highlights, pretty and practical. Minimally dressed is what makes its pretty elements stand out. This space proves that sometimes a room needs the bare necessities, played out in soft colours with zero conflict.


    A round of applause to Megan Morton for another fab publication.
    pick up your own copy here shop "i love my room" 
    Happy reading (Oh and don't forget it's free shipping!) 

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