Get Image Ready


We all know that images are a really important part of any product listing and unfortunately simply taking a quick snap of your product is no longer enough. They also need to be prepared for the internet properly to give you the best chance of converting potential customers into actual customers.
So you want to get image ready?
Below are some guidelines which you can follow to get all your images in order and ready to be uploaded into

Good Quality Photos!

This is the essential starting point. A bad or blurry image will instantly lower your chances of a conversion. If you are taking the photos yourself, and you don’t own professional equipment, keep in mind the following points:
  • Lots of Light - in general, you are better off having too much light than not enough, Iphones and basic cameras will take great shots if they have enough light to work with.
  • Avoid filters and image enhancers  - a basic photo taken that is clear and detailed is perfect, no need for a vintage look, or artificial depth of field in a product shot
  • Use a tripod - avoid shaky photos
  • Consistency - If you are taking multiple shots, keep the camera setting, distances to product and lighting the same to give a consistent look to your photos. Also try to keep the product roughly the same size in each image (eg the product takes up say 60% of each photo) This helps with consistency also.
  • Take your time - taking good photos is an artform, so rushing to get all the images taken can lead to poor images (which you will be reminded of every time you see them!)
If you do not already have great looking images of your products tuccibrown can provide a photographer who can take the hard work out of getting professional looking images for you.
contact for more info

Optimise Images for the internet

Photo’s need to be resized and compressed to reduce their large file size directly off the camera. Reducing the file size while maintaining quality enhances the page loading speed and user experience of the web site. Large file sizes slow web sites down and lower their ranking in google search algorithms, as well as impact negatively on the shoppers experience.
A great file size for product images is 70kb per image.
If you are using photoshop to edit and optimise your images, use the feature “save for web” which will allow you to resize and compress into suitable files. If you need assistance with this, contact
Use 500 x 500px images for a nice square product shot. 70kb file size can easily be achieved with these dimensions.

Give your pictures a home

In order for a picture to be used on the internet, it needs to be uploaded directly into a web site from an admin login or be housed on an image hosting platform such as or to be located later.
If you are wanting to upload a spreadsheet of products into a shopping cart, the URL would normally be pasted into the spreadsheet to tell the cart where it can find the image or images  you wish to be associated with that product.