• Hario - Syphon Technica (Two Cup) - Coffee Syphon

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    Hario - Syphon Technica (Two Cup) - Coffee Syphon


    This is the 2 cup syphon brewer from Hario. It includes a filter cloth, spirit burner*, plastic stirring paddle with integratedmeasuring scoopand stand.

    The syphon has remained a popular brewing method for a long time now for a number of reasons: Aside from its beauty and the theatre of preparation it actually has a very stable and controllable temperature in the upper chamber. For best results we'd suggest abutane burner as a heating device and also using a simple temperature probe to monitor and control your brewing temperature.

    Cloth filtered brews are capable of exceptional body and sweetness, clarity and complexity and we love this brewing method especially for higher quality single origin coffees at lighter roast profiles. It is important to keep the cloths clean, and not to let them dry out.

    They are best kept in submerged in water when not in use.Cloths can be cleaned using espresso cleaner, but must be rinsed thoroughly before re-using. Replacement cloths are available. It is achievable to get a very good syphon coffee using the spirit burner, however, for increased control over temperature we recommend the butane burners.

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